About Mike

About Mike

 Hometown Bella Vista, Ar
Stacy (wife) - Justin, Jacob, Noah (children)
Goals Win Angler of the Year And The Classic
 Personal Stuff
Favorite Food Mexican (burritos)
Favorite Music Contemporary Christian and rock and roll
Favorite Book/Movie Bassmaster Magazine/The Rookie (movie)
Non-Angling Hero Father - "He's always supported my dream, and he's very optimistic about achieving your dreams."
When Not Fishing "I like to archery-hunt for deer, but I enjoy any type of hunting. I also like to be an assistant coach for my boy's teams, and fish with my wife."
Why He Fishes "It's always been a lifelong love. I was introduced to it at a young age. I also think it's the competitive nature of it. I wasn't big enough for the other sports, but this is soemthing I felt like I could compete at and be one of the best at."
 Angling Stuff
Angling Hero Jimmy Houston - "I like his moral beliefs and his spinnerbait techniques. I've always been a diehard spinnerbait fisherman."
Favorite Lake Lake Champlain (NY/VT) - "It's such an incredible smallmouth and largemouth fishery. There's not many places you can go to that are like that."
Least Favorite Lake Florida lakes - "I feel like I'm fishing in a big farm pond there. It seems like there's no defined patterns or transitions. You're just pretty much fishing a big, grass-infested farm pond."
Favorite Technique Shallow-water flipping and spinnerbaiting
Primary Fishing Strength Shallow-water junk fishing
Secondary Fishing Strength Deepwater tactics using electronics
Biggest Weakness Grass lakes, particularly Florida
Boat Stratos
Motor Mercury